Everything is easy now days.

Beginning from communication media, we can communicate with person in distance place. Internet makes to find information, news. If we compare with long time ago, it is different. It has been five years when hand phone become not only a need, but also life style. The users of hand phone are increase. We can see at our university, everyone uses hand phone.

So do internet, everybody need internet. Even, we can say that internet is source of information. Whatever the information, knowledge, pattern, receipt, song, photos etc. just searching/browsing  in the internet, easy to find.

We are as students, have dependence with the internet. Doing exercise from the lectures, or arranging our thesis.  Not only that could be done by internet, now days most of teenager know about facebook, where we can add our friend from distance place or another country who are we didn’t know before.

But we have to remember that, using that high technology has negative impacts. Hand phone which has multimedia, like camera, recording video, make the user susceptible to do something negatively, like porn videos or photos. Not only that, maksiat behavior is easier to be done by the unmarriage couple if wanna make appointment. Just sending SMS. So do TV. Compare when the time our parent still teenager. They don’t have hand phone.

More negative thing also could be done by internet. Most porn movies and photos found from internet. Even move the world change to be cyber world

Now we can see that high technology not only have positive impacts but also negative impact.

To discuss:

  1. Give your point of view about phone cell!
  2. Give your point of view about internet!
  3. Can you explain the importance of those thing?
  4. How if now days there were no Phone cell and internet?

To debate:

Which one is more, the negative impacts or the positive impact of high technology generally.

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One thought on “Everything is easy now days.

  1. please comment and debate it

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