I love Indonesia

Do you agree if said “ Indonesia is a rich country”

But if we see the reality now days, there are so many poor people everywhere. In the village, even in the big city.

If we want to compare between the amount of poor people and the amount of rich people. We can see it from the data. The amount of rich people is only small part of the total citizen  of Indonesia. If we illustrate it, the stratification like triangle. Which the most number is poor people.

Many thing cause poverty, unemployment, quality of education and job field.

That is not only government responsibility to overcome this problem, but also our responsibility.

There are two common/effective ways to overcome this problem. They are economy developing and education developing.

Economy developing means government improve societies economy by investment, supply of new job vacancy, giving capital for building busyness, fiscal policy, paying attention to busyness sector and so on. After doing this, the income per capita will be improve.

Then, education developing means, government pay more attention only in education side, like building more schools, improving skill, course, etc. by doing this, we hope so the individual skill/ability is improve so they are easy to build their own business. Because they are cleaver so they become competed person. The reason why economy developing is most Indonesian are low education.

To discuss:

  1. Can you describe the condition of Indonesia in your mind?
  2. Do you agree if said “Indonesia is poor country?
  3. What should the government do in the economic sector?
  4. What should the government do in the education sector?

To debate

“Which one is better government improve, education sector or economic sector?

      BPEC Djuanda

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