Higher Education for Women

         It is undeniable that different perception among parents in terms of a higher Education for women has been enormously discussed whether it is deserved or not during the last few decades owing to the huge impact of modernization.
The majority of parents are reluctant about sending their daughters to junior high school, senior high school or vocational high school as well as collage even they do not allow their daughters to get education in elementary school because of several reasons. Firstly, some parents believe that the higher education which women have will be a waste if their daughters get married and choose to be a house wife. A woman is expected to be a housewife and the traditional role of women in the society is only to be a housewife. Furthermore, parents claim that their daughters will be naughty and lose virginity due to the effect of teenager delinquency and free sex that can occur if they are dating at school or college without controlling by parents. As a result, their daughters are just expected to stay at home without caring the bad image of other people.
On the other hand, it can also be argued by other parents that the higher education is deserved by women. As evidence of this, nowadays many women are successfully combining their career and marriage. They can find an outlet for a monotonous drudgery of their housekeeping. In addition, there is no discrimination between men and women in the modern era. Modern societies need the talents of people regardless of gender. Women work alongside men and can be leaders.
On balance, I think that there is evidence to suggest that a higher level of education should be given to women in order to educate them and to reach better lives when facing a household and career. Moreover, I feel parents need to ensure the positive changes so it can be sustained and shared more in the future.
Glossaries: Deserve: kkt. berhak mendapat Drudgery: kb. pekerjaan yg membosankan
Household: kb. rumah tangga Outlet: kb. jalan keluar
Regardless: ks. tampa memperhatikan, kk. bagaimanpun jg Sustain: mendukung
1. Do you think a higher education is deserved for women?
2. What do you think about the parents who ban their children to study in elementary school?
3. Have ever found the same case in your neighborhood?
4. What should the parents do to maintain their daughters from teenager delinquency and free sex?
5. What do you think about a career woman?

Written by Ancha

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