Formerly, Indonesia was famous as the ‘Asian Tiger’ in the football field. All countries in Asia are reluctant when they have a duel with Indonesia. But now, over the time, the achievements of Indonesia National Football Team continued to decline even until it reaches a zero stage performance. Many efforts has been tried to regain the glorious age of Indonesia National Football Team. One of the efforts that have been undertaken by PSSI is having naturalization. Naturalization is the acquisition of citizenship and nationality by somebody who was not a citizen or national of that country when he or she was born. And the question is, should PSSI takes a naturalization process as the efforts to regain the glorious age of Indonesia National Football Team ? A lot of debate is going on among the public about PSSI efforts to takes a naturalization process for Indonesia National Football Team. Some of people think it is necessary and give a support for it, and the others thinks it is not necessary and against for it. With descendant and foreign players in our national football team, the squad will be more competitive, the offence will be more attractive, and the defense will be more solid. Our national football team main weakness in height, technique, and experience will be covered well also with them. As an obvious example is Singapore, they take a naturalization process to strengthen their national football team, as the result Singapore National Football Team is known as one of the strongest and dangerous football team in Southeast Asia. Every good decision must have a negative impact also. Naturalization will be impact to our local players, especially to our young local players. This is really unethically, our nation born players should and must have a more chance and preferred to take a part in our national football team and play in international match or tournaments, than that descendant and foreign players or naturalization players.

Formerly = tadinya, dahulu                       reluctant = segan                           decline = kemunduran

Regain = memperoleh kembali                descendant = garis keturunan          unethically = tidak pantas

  1. Do you agree with naturalization football player ? why?
  2. According to you why Indonesian National Football team continued to decline?
  3. What the best way to remain the glorious age of Indonesia National Football Team?
  4. Does “naturalization” influence Indonesian National Football Team to get the achievement?
  5. According to you, Does  “TIMNAS GARUDA” able to compete in world cup ?
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