Boarding House for Students University


Discussion material written by firman budiman for february 9th 2014

In the beginning of its function, boarding houses were mostly inhabited by urban society . They are employees or students who do not have family or parents in which they conduct educational activities or work and require them to stay at a boarding house. Now, the values ​​began to shift.Not a few school children (read students) or more employees who choose to stay at a boarding place , even though they live with family in one city .

 In theirmind, there are many reasons why someone would choose to stay alone in a boarding house rather than to live with their parents. “One of those, is about the independence. She/he may think strictly limited and stressed by parents for various reasons. They feel colonized by the people from those they should get the best teaching, be the best friends and role model in their life. after all, distance factor for some girls becomes reasonable but really illogical and undefendable consideration, they said.

On the other hand, parental supervision is an undeniable thing that it  can build up one’s good character. Family is the first and the main space in case of bringing up children. Ones with nice parental supervision grows mature physically, and even psychologically.  By providing religious and moral education provision to children, it can be one of millionth reasons why boarding house should not be allowed for students, more specifically for girls. For discussion :

1.      Do you like staying in boarding house? Why?

2.      What is the positive and negative impact stay in boarding house?

3.      Which do you think better between getting your ideas more effectively by staying in boarding house and living with parents with good parental supervision ?

4.      Do you Agree  If the student of university stay in boarding house?

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