About Us


buat kalian yang penasaran apa sih item- item yang ada dalam BPEC  maka disini kalian akan mengetahui gambaran kegiatan English Meeting yang pastinya akan berkesan di setiap minggunya. lets check it out…!!!

Welcome-welcome baby

While welcoming d participants, Committee Give some advices, support, or  A motivation to make them more spirit joining the meeting.

Self introduction

Special for the new comers, they introduce their selves in front then other participants give some questions.

Warming up

Forming partner, then doing some dialogs base of topic given by the committee.


Make some small group, each group handled by a committee, the discussing about topic/material give by committee.


Participants divide into two side (agree n disagree, pro n contra, n so on) then Debating the topic which has been discussed in small group.

Discussion and debating item is the main item of BPEC weekly meeting.

Grammar correction

One of competed senior explaining some correction of mistakes done along the meeting.


Some information delivered by a committee


Committees will entertain us by games, music, Magic, etc

Closing speech

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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Adi baso

    Dear BPEC Family, Thank you for being such an enthusiastic English learner! As a valued member, we’re giving you this free charity box hehehehehehehe……peace

  2. I LOVE BPEC 🙂

  3. Love u BPEC… 🙂

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